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Light Oregon Shawl - English Version

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This pattern includes only the LIGHT Version!
If you are interested in both versions, you can find it under “BUNDLE”.

The construction of the O-regon Shawl is a little different than traditional shawls.
It is knitted from side to side and is composed of two (almost) identical pieces, which are joined together with Kitchener Stitch after completion.

This also allows for an alternative - the LIGHT version.
Here, the individual sections are knitted only 1 time with little modifications at the end. The result in a completely new form of the O-regon Shawl.

In the LIGHT version we experimented with yarn alternatives. The result is a large semi-circular shawl, as we have increased the needle size and thereby also adjusted the thickness of the wool.
The LIGHT version with wool of the CLASSIC version to knit, of course, is also possible. The yarn quantities would have to be adjusted accordingly.

For LIGHT Version:

LIGHT Version with 3,75mm needles:
• length: 2,8m (110“)
• max. width: 0,75m (29“)

Merino Singles (100% Superwash Merino) by Life In The Long Grass (365m/100gr.) together with mohair:

• C1 - Damask - 1 skin (365m / 400yd )
• C2 - Pink Haze - 1 skin (350m / 382yd)
• C3 - Rouge - 1 skin (325m / 355yd)
• C4 - Soda- 1 skin (335m / 366yd)
• MC - Heathstar - 2 skins (680m / 743yd)

ITO Sensai (240m/20gr.):
• MC - Olive - 3 skins
• C1 & C2 - Crochus - 3 skins

Tot le Matin Kidsilk (420m/50gr.):
• C3 - Framboise - 1 skin

Lamana Premia (300m/25gr.):
• C4 - Altrosa col. 40 - 2 skins

Skill level: Advanced - 3 from 5 level-points

Size: 0,6m x 3m